All my life I’ve been an athlete.

I was a competitive ski racer until college where I played Division III tennis. I went to a private high school that specialized in winter sports so my training regimen was pretty intense and I’ve been weight lifting since I was 14. That may seem young to some of you, but that level of training is essential to excel at your sport.

Since I’m no longer involved in competition, I still love to stay in a shape as I’ll always consider myself an athlete. I’m such a results driven person, so I love seeing what my body is capable of and watching it transform in the process.

I’m not a certified personal trainer, but I’ve had a lot of trial and error over nearly 15 years. I’ve rehabbed two knee injuries, gone through cardio only phases, and now I’ve found my perfect balance in the gym. I plan to share what has worked for me thus far, and will hopefully influence others to develop a love for health and fitness with my knowledge and experience.

Not trying to sell you a booty plan, that’s not what this blog is or will be, I just genuinely love helping people and sharing my journey.