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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

In the month of December I’m trying to eat more veggie dense meals. After Thanksgiving and eating turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing leftovers for three days straight, my body has been craving vegetables.

I had never really played around with butternut squash before but it’s so cheap and easy to find in the winter months that I wanted to give it a whirl and test some recipes with the popular cold-weather veggie.

For this soup I threw together a simple vegetable stock or mirepoix as the french would say and went from there. I’m SO pleased with the outcome, this is definitely going to be a go-to for me this season!


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Cacao Cashew Protein Bites

I recently started making my own nut milk because I realized how EASY it is. I used to have a misconception that it was a labor-intensive process that would take hours…boy was I wrong. Not only is it cheaper, but there are no crazy unpronounceable preservatives either.

So, I made cashew milk and I had a thought… what can I do with the leftover pulp aka cashew meal?

Moments later, these protein bites were born.

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No-Bake Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

I try to eat healthy for the most part, but I let myself indulge with sweet treats every once in a while. I love baking but try to limit myself, so my coworkers and roommates usually reap the benefits because if I have baked goods laying around the house…. they will get eaten.

It was my coworker’s birthday on Tuesday and he requested mini cheesecakes. I wanted something quick because I was “baking” these after work on Monday so I went with the no-bake recipe and they did NOT disappoint.

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